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Recent Commentary by Mike

Three Title Insurance Traps
March, 2012
Closing protection letters, the Form DS-1 disclosure and the 2010 revisions to the Rules of Professional Conduct all present potential traps for Illinois real estate practitioners. Here's an analysis of the risks and how to reduce them.
Comments to Proposed RESPA Revisions
May, 2008
HUDís proposed changes to RESPA give more power and influence over consumers to lenders, the same folks who brought us the sub-prime mortgage debacle.
Ethics and the Attorney/Title Agent
March, 2008
Lawyers should be permitted to serve as title agents when they represent principals in real estate transactions if those lawyers follow the requirements of the Rules of Professional Conduct.
Proposed New Illinois Rules, etc.
December, 2007
Proposed new Rules of Professional Conduct pending before the Illinois Supreme Court require modification before the Court adopts them officially.
Response to the GAO Title Insurance Report
June, 2007
The GAO Title Insurance Report should alarm those who are involved in real estate transactions covered by RESPA.

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